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Liz Hodge Voice Studio offers private, personalized singing lessons:

  • Learn singing, confidence, technique and performance.

  • We make it fun and ENCOURAGING.

  • Students of all ages and levels.

  • Online lessons available worldwide!


Liz Hodge Voice Studio is a one-of-a-kind teaching studio. We specialize in working with students ages 10 to 17 years of age who are interested in musical theatre. Liz herself has been performing since she was four years old and has been teaching vocal technique, audition and performance techniques, song choice, storytelling, and a unique way to learn songs. I have a "Secret Sauce" for learning songs correctly the first time. I teach techniques that help alleviate performance anxiety.


The Liz Hodge Voice Studio using innovative pedagogic techniques, making lessons fun as well as effective! Liz is a professional singer who loves passing on my passion. She uses her skills as a performer to positively influence your child's self-confidence, instill discipline (without pain or embarrassment) and nurture technique while motivating them to love singing so they go home singing.

I believe everyone can sing!

What do students learn during their lessons?

  • Breathing and support for healthy and sustainable singing.

  • Vowel production

  • My "Secret Sauce" for learning songs correctly the first time.

  • Increase singing range.

  • Storytelling

  • Song choice for auditions and performance.

  • Musicality

  • Character development

  • Audition and performance techniques.

  • Audition and performance anxiety relief. Confidence!

  • Free workshops and monthly online recitals.


How do you choose songs for your performance? How do you present them? How do you tell the story and play the character? What do you do with nerves and anxiety? Why is it important to take lessons from a voice teacher with experience and training and knowledge in musical theater?
Vocals are an integral part of a musical performance. Liz Hodge’s vocal technique helps students learn songs correctly the first time by eliminating guesswork and misunderstanding on how to prepare songs. This makes musical theater more fun, less stressful and successful at the same time.


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