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From Vocal Technique to Center Stage!

Liz Hodge Voice Studio is a one-of-a-kind teaching studio. I specialize in working with students ages 10 to 17 years of age who are interested in musical theatre. I have been performing since I was four years old and has been teaching vocal technique, audition and performance techniques, song choice, storytelling, and a unique way to learn songs. I have a "secret sauce" for learning songs correctly the first time. I also teaches techniques that help alleviate performance anxiety.

Whether my clients are just starting to discover their voices or if they are pros with the goal of polishing their performances, I'll help them reach their goals.  Together, we'll do the inner and physical work to develop vocal technique, song delivery, acting and audition prep, and personal development as singers and musicians.

I’ve been teaching vocal technique and delivery to singers and actors for over 25 years. I’ve been performing even longer than that!  I'm helping singers and actors transform their voices by using the same vocal techniques that professional singers and actors use to get the most out of their voices while staying healthy.

About 3/4 of my students come to me seeking more confidence in their voices, as well as confidence in general. I use vocal techniques as well as mental/emotional exercises to help my students and clients overcome limiting beliefs, fear and negative self talk about their voices and singing or acting in public. I help people achieve the optimal, and even peak performances that lead to continual success.

Together, we work on physical techniques such as breathing, vowel production and resonance that are based on vocal science as well as many years of accumulated knowledge. For mental/emotional growth and confidence building I use techniques that were developed by Dr. Don Greene, a sports psychologist who adapted the work that he did with Olympic athletes to help musicians and other performing artists break through the thought processes that would hold them back from performing at their very best with consistency. The exercises that we will be working on today with help you to turn off that critic and all of its negative talk that chats up the left brain and move you into your creative and quiet right brain.


You'll learn all of this and more in a fun and relaxed environment by a highly qualified teacher.  I hold a Masters Degree in Vocal Performance and an Acting Certificate from the American Conservatory Theatre.

This combination of techniques and exercises is powerful and will help you to speak from your power! Together, we’ll change your mental and emotional state from fear to fierce!



With a deep love for music and theatre, Liz has three main goals:

  1. To help each of my students find their voice and their voice find them, so time is dedicated to vocal training and finding songs appropriate to their abilities. 

  2. To help teach each student how to perform in the most positive way possible, which includes technique and storytelling.

  3. Training and encouraging actors to make sustainable choices about how they spend their time professionally.


Musical Theatre Singing for Ages 7 - 10

Liz has had a long association with award winning children's musical theatre programs such as Children's Musical. Theater San Jose and Starting Arts in San Jose, CA. Her's is a voice studio that focuses on students that want to start or continue working on musical theatre. The mental skills of songs are key in performing with confidence and correctly learning new material. 


The lessons focus on building the voice for each individual student . Technique is reviewed and adapted to the needs of the individual student but also includes exercises to help alleviate performance anxiety. We work through new material together at a pace that is comfortable for the student and works to guarantee correct notes, proper technique and a confident stage presence is developed.