I had developed a strong sense of stage fright during my freshman year in college. In fact, I was in the opera program and had won some leading roles. But rehearsing was difficult and performing was always worse. I performed well but rarely up to what I believed was my highest potential. I remember that before every performance I always wished that the theater would have burnt down or there would be no power so the performances would have to be cancelled. What a relief that would have been! There was so much shame around my feelings of fear. I never felt good enough or deserving enough, as if every rehearsal and performance needed to be perfect!

Only through working with a life coach and other mentors did I overcome the fear, shame and limiting beliefs that haunted me all of those years and kept me from living my dreams.

For the last few years I’ve developed a passion for helping others overcome the same fears, shame and limiting beliefs that plagued me for so many years. No one should have to suffer through that. My mission is to share the tools and techniques that I’ve learned to empower others express themselves to their full potential without fear, but with confidence.